Water Cascading over Snoqualmie Falls

Feb 10, 2014

With rains of almost biblical proportions here in the Pacific Northwest over the past month, Snoqualmie Falls is drawing increasing crowds of lookie-loos to ogle the fast-moving whitewater tumbling 286 feet from the Snoqualmie River into a 65-foot-deep pool below. “We’re well over the 40-year average (for flow of water going over the falls),” says […]

Top 20 places in Seattle to take your mother — criticism free

Aug 1, 2011

(Seattle PI) This one’s for all those Seattle transplants who have parents coming into town for a visit.

Big changes coming to Snoqualmie Falls

May 27, 2010

If you want to see the power of water in the Northwest, Snoqualmie Falls is a place to witness it. There’s even a place to stand to watch it, a special park complete with trails and observation decks. It sits on land owned by Puget Sound Energy. But the Snoqualmie River is also about electric […]

Eastside Extended: Review of Fall City Roadhouse

Nov 15, 2009

I just came across a great review and interview about the Fall City Roadhouse in the archives of one of my favorite local blogs, Cherie Picked. Cherie always uses just the right words to accurately describe the vibe of a place and also has a great photographic eye! I too have an affinity for the […]

Luring Tourist Dollars to Valley

Oct 28, 2009

After two weeks in Seattle, Phra Charoen and Phiriya Phahondon spent the last few days of their vacation exploring the Snoqualmie Valley before returning home to Thailand. The two international visitors are exactly the type of consumers that many Snoqualmie Valley cities and businesses want to target—travelers with disposable income who come for the twinkling […]

A “must” hike: Mist, mud, waterfall and waffles (Part 1)

Mar 1, 2007

Q. We just recently moved here and somebody said we MUST go see Snoqualmie Falls. Is this true? And what happens if we don’t? We’re only half-kidding here: We want to go, and are curious about what kind of shape the trail to the falls is in this time of the year. And is the […]