A “must” hike: Mist, mud, waterfall and waffles (Part 2)

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Q: Speaking of pancakes: Is that Snoqualmie Falls Lodge mix really made or served at Salish Lodge & Spa?

A: Uh, no. The pancake/waffle mix with the falls pouring down the front is a product of Continental Mills, of Seattle. For many years, the stuff was ground in St. Louis by Bunge Foods. But Continental acquired the Snoqualmie Falls line of mixes in 2000 and mills some falls products in Kent.

Since you didn’t ask: Continental also makes baking mixes under another familiar brand: Krusteaz, a line whose roots, according to the company, date to 1932, when women in a Seattle bridge club came up with an idea for a simple pie-crust mix (“crust” and “ease” — get it?).

As to the serving part: The Salish Lodge & Spa, at the site of the former Snoqualmie Falls Lodge (which served a famous six-course breakfast back in the days when men were men and their arteries were clogged), now sells its own competing brand, “Falls Country Buttermilk Pancake Mix.”

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March 1, 2007
Seattle Times
Trail Mix | Ron Judd
A “must” hike: Mist, mud, waterfall and waffles